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Grassland Species and Conservation - Sunday July 7th

Grasslands cover less than 1% of BC yet are home to over 30% of species at risk. Join Mike Dedels, Grasslands Conservation Council of BC Executive Director and learn about the different types of grasslands in the Okanagan and the ecological services that they provide. Mike will also talk about the main threats to grasslands, including development, encroachment, and invasive plants. Get to know your grassland species and what the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC is doing to conserve these special places.

Gopher - pc Jenna Hardy_edited.jpg

Snakes of the Okanagan - Saturday July 20th

Come join Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre biologists Jenna Hardy and Robin Jans to learn about the ongoing joint projects between Nk’Mip and the White Lake Basin. These projects focus on the conservation of our local snakes including Rattlesnakes, Gopher snakes, and Yellow-bellied racers! Jenna and Robin will be bringing a couple slithery friends, Hoops the gopher snake and Hula the rattler!

From the Ground Up: Bringing Back the Burrowing Owl - Thursday July 25th

The Western Burrowing Owl, Athene cunicularia hypugaea, is a species at risk in Canada and was extirpated from BC in the 1980s. For 30 years the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of British Columbia has been working on reintroducing Burrowing Owls to the grasslands of BC through captive breeding and habitat enhancement. Lauren Meads, Executive Director will introduce us to her very special guest, Pluto while discussing the successes and obstacles of working with this remarkable grassland species.

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The Fire Paradox - Saturday August 3rd

Recent wildfires have been devastating in the Okanagan, but the reality is that our grasslands and dry forests were historically fire-maintained. Ecologist Don Gayton has studied the role of fire extensively and will present an interactive talk on this controversial subject.  

High Tea at the ODC - Sunday August 11th

Plants have been vital for human survival for centuries, but before there were grocery stores to ease the gathering process, humans had to forage to gain knowledge about what to eat. Learning about the plants that grow in our backyards and communities can be useful and help us feel more connected to the ecosystem around us. Join ODC Lead Vriti Bakshi in a high-tea style nature talk about different plants at the ODC and how they can be eaten and enjoyed respectfully. Vriti has been a local to Osoyoos for many years and enjoys creating teas based on the knowledge she has gained through both indigenous voices and her own research over the years. She’ll have some of her brews on hand to sample.


Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the BC Interior - Saturday August 24th

Did you know there are lizards that shoot blood out of their eyes to defend themselves? Or that we have Okanagan birds that sound like velociraptors? From colourful designs to quirky behaviours, here in the British Columbia interior, there exist many weird and wonderful animals whose habits never cease to amaze us. Against all odds these creatures have discovered new ways to thrive in BC’s beautiful and rugged desert-like environment. Join ODC Conservation Guide Anika Wulff to discover fascinating defences, strange eating routines, and super cool adaptations of animals from all around you in the Okanagan. Having finished her second year studying biology and environmental studies at the University of Victoria, Anika is passionate about ecosystem interactions.

Drought Resistance in the Plants of the South Okanagan - Sunday August 31st

With just 12 inches of rain annually, the South Okanagan antelope brush habitat is a difficult place to live as a plant. Extreme heat and minimal precipitation have forced the native plant species to adapt in many different ways. ODC Conservation guide Ripley Shubert is currently pursuing a Bachelors of science in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation biology from the University of British Columbia. He will discuss the ways in which the native plants of the area have adapted to their environment on both the individual and ecosystem level.

All Nature Talks start at 11 am and are free with admission.

Saturday July 13, 9 am to 2 pm

Cost: $40; space is limited, please book early

Join celebrated artist Dale Matthews in the iconic Antelope-brush landscape of the Osoyoos Desert Centre. Dale will demonstrate a wash technique, drawing into a painting, and various methods using frisket, plastic cards, knives, and sticks. 


Dale Matthews, FCA was born in 1938 in Rossland, BC. From an early age Dale preferred drawing and painting the mountains to digging gold from them. He completed high school in Rossland before attending the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art + Design), receiving a degree in fine art in 1961.

Dale worked as a commercial artist and architectural renderer in Toronto and Edmonton before establishing his own interior design firm in Vancouver. He is now retired and living in Summerland, where he is happy to devote his time to painting and traveling. His paintings reflect his love and passion for the outdoors as well as the heritage architecture of the west. Western artists such as Charlie Russell and William Matthews have been a great inspiration to him.

Dale’s work has been exhibited at the National Gallery, Ottawa; Deep Cove Gallery, North Vancouver; Seymour Art Gallery; Vancouver Art Gallery; Summerland Art Gallery; Spruce Meadows, Calgary; Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton; and the Penticton Art Gallery. His paintings are enjoyed in a number of private collections throughout Canada and the US.


Please bring all necessary art supplies/equipment you will need:

  • canvases; boards/plywood; 140 to 300 lb. rough textured watercolour paper preferred

  • paints, brushes, portable easels

  • paper towels or rags, bags for trash

  • folding chair


Basic watercolour palette suggestion:

  • Prussian blue Thalo blue

  • Veridian Green,  Sap and or Hookers green

  • LemonYellow, Deep Yellow or Yellow Ochre

  • Vermillion Red,  Magenta

  • Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown

  • Opague Zinc White


Watercolour brush suggestion:

1 Large wash brush, 2 or 3 round point brushes (i.e. 2 # 6, a very fine brush for line detail, and any old favorites that have been beaten up a bit!) Dale will have limited extra brushes, paint and paper on hand.

To register call the office at 250-495-2470.

Please come prepared for all sorts of weather – hot, sunny, windy, cold and rain too! Dress in layers and bring all-weather clothing, sunscreen, a sun hat, sturdy hiking footwear, a bagged lunch, snack and refillable water bottle.


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