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The iNaturalist app is a valuable tool for visitors of the Osoyoos Desert Centre for several reasons:

  • Allows users to easily identify and track widlife and plant species in the area,

  • Helps build a database of local biodiversity for scientific research,

  • Provides a platform for visitors to share their observations with a community of naturalists,

  • Offers a gamified experience with rewards for user engagement,

  • Provides real-time updates on rare and unusual species sightings,

  • Offers a chance for visitors to learn more about the natural world through the app's information resources,

  • And offers a fun and educational activity for families and people of all ages.

Check out the Osoyoos Desert Centre's iNaturalist page and see
all the wildlife that have been spotted here so far.
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How to use:

  1. Observe and document: Take a photo of a plant, animal, or fungi species you encounter in the wild. You can also add information such as location, date, and description.

  2. Upload to iNaturalist: Upload the photo and accompanying information to iNaturalist using the app or website.

  3. Get identifications: The iNaturalist community will help you identify the species you observed based on your photo and information.

  4. Contribute to science! Your observations and identifications contribute to a global databse of biodiversity, helping scientists and researchers understand the world around us. 


  • When making an observation that you are unsure about, use the "What did you see?" button to help guide you in the right way towards an identification.

  • Put an identification with the observation, even if all you know is "Planta" (plants!).

  • Have fun and remember to stay on the boardwalk!

iNaturalist Canada is led by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) along with Parks Canada, NatureServe Canada, and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), which collectively make up the iNaturalist Canada Steering Committee. The platform is managed by the Steering Committee in collaboration with, which is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. 

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