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Conservation Groups

A partnership of fifty organizations working together to maintain the unique natural areas of this region

Acquires and preserves parklands and trails for the health, recreation, education and natural enjoyment of the public

Promotes environmental awareness in the South Okanagan and Similkameen

Promotes voluntary stewardship of important habitat on private lands and within communities

DIY Projects

Johnson Slot Bluebird Nest Box Plans

How to Build a Ladybug House

Information & Factsheets

BC Frog Watch Program
Information on frogs, toads,
salamanders and turtles

Burrowing owl information and recovery program

Invasive Species

Living with Wildlife

Bear management guide

Cougar management guide

Coyote and Wolves management guide

Rodent management guide

Snake management guide

European starling management guide

Ungulates management guide

Articles and Publication

What's in a Name - Defining a Desert

by John B. Theberge

Attracting Butterflies

by Dennis St. John

Native Plant Landscaping for the South Okanagan-Similkameen
by Tamara Bonnemaison

Keeping Nature in our Future
Biodiversity conservation strategy

Preparing for Climate Change
An implementation guide for local BC governments

The Importance of Antelope-Brush Grassland Ecosystems

Miles stuff 375.jpg

Canada's Deserts
Setting the record straight


Native Plants and Landscaping


Historical garden promoting sustainable gardening practices

A native plant database for gardening for birds

Wildlife Contacts

Badger Hotline
Contact information for reporting badger sightings

Bear Smart
What you need to know about living with bears

BC Community Bat Programs
Will help remove bats from your home or barn

Online invasive plant reporting

Wildlife that threathens public saftey
Conservation Officer 

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