Our Supporters

Grants, donations and sponsorship from individual donors, foundations, government and corporate funders are our lifeblood. We simply could not exist without them. Thank you all! As fellow advocates of sustainability and conservation we ask that you show your appreciation by promoting them and using their services whenever possible.

2021 Individual and Corporate Donors

Carol Boan

Xavier Burgos

Pat Burke and Dan Gresley-Jones

C4 Wise Design

Deborah Cardinal Rhyason

William Dell

Ev Denis (in memory of Vaughn Denis)

Mike DuMoulin

Hon. Ross and Linda Fitzpatrick

Forbidden Fruit Winery

Richard Fraser

Jayme and James Friedt

Riley Goldstone

Fred and Julie Hamilton

Hiltop Body Shop

Home Building Centre

Marko Ilic

Knightrous Contracting

Linda and Larry Larson

Alison LeDuc

Marie Sherry McDonald

Suzan McKortoff

Minuteman Press

Steve and Nancy Nowak

Okanagan Containers

Osoyoos Aggregates

Pacific Haven Landscaping

Phantom Creek Estates Winery

Trevor Reeves

Renowerks Construction

Matthew Sherman

Ed and Thelma Silkens

David Smith

Tin Whistle Brewing Company

T.L. Timber

Ray Town

Georgina Turner

Lucie Vallieres

Earl Paul Vince

Laila Virding

Marlene West

Ernie and Kathie Westphal

Max Wyman

2021 Osoyoos Desert Society Members

Birgit Arnstein

Peter and Yvette Beckett

Norm and Mary Bennett

Marilyn Bergen

JoAnne Birch

Leslie Birch

Andy Blair

Ken and Diane Blow

Carol Boan

Gail Bourget

Ray Bowes and Sylvie Doyon

Pat Burke and Dan Gresley-Jones

Vivienne and Robert Calder

Jordan Carbery

Judy Dallas

William Day

Paul and Mary Doyle

Mike DuMoulin

Kurt Evans

Dorothy Fairbairn

Hon. Ross and Linda Fitzpatrick

Tom Gee and Kathy Gibson

Kathy Green and Allen Hartman

Fred Hamilton HLM

Tom Harvie

Nancy Heather

Deirdre Holmes

Diana and George Holmes

David Hooey

Roger and Claire Horton HLM

Donna Kelso

Ken Knuston

Linda and Larry Larson

Shannon Marfleet

Brad Marshall and KyLee Fournier

Julie Martineau

Lee McFadyen

Brian and Sandra McGowan

Suzan McKortoff

Charles McNeill

Derek McQuinn and Stephanie Bonnar

Gwen Monteith and Robert Klei

Joanne Muirhead

Cori and Christian Noel

Steve and Nancy Nowak

Doreen Olson

Alicia Osland

Janelle Parchomchuk

Alice Partridge

Isla Petreny-Mackenzie and

Ralph E Petreny

Richard Poutney

Alan and Isabel Quinn

Rob Rainer

Trevor Reeves

Jack Rogers and Sue Duncliffe

Catherine Roome and Bill Walsh

Michael and Vera Ryan

Mary Lou Schmidt

Bob and Deb Sherwood

Ed and Thelma Silkens

David Smith

Trish Stevens

Georgina Turner

Rod and Romana Van Lissum

Caroline Vandonkersgoed

Earl Paul Vince

Laila Virding

Laurie Watt

Marlene West

Ernie and Kathie Westphal HLM

Lisa Young

HLM = Honorary Lifetime Members